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Devin Crockett, Lead Instructor


Devin Crockett is a transmasc non-binary animator, he/they pronouns, from Orange County who just graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the Experimental Animation program from CalArts. He prefers intuitively animating in a straight ahead way, usually working with found footage and materials in a sort of experimental documentary fashion. Having completed a few CAP and CAPSA classes in high school, Devin is so grateful to return to CAPSA as one of your instructors. In his free time, Devin can be found making breakfast burritos and collecting photos of silly little license plates. He can’t wait to meet and work with all the new students in the CAPSA Animation program this Summer!

WechatIMG480 - Joan Hui Ko.jpeg

Joan Hui Ko, Lead Instructor


Ko (she/her) is a stop motion artist who specializes in fabricating armature puppets and miniature sets from scratch. She utilizes natural materials such as wood, leaves, husk, wool, and clay in her art practice. Joan values the role of material—the most fundamental element of fabrication—in storytelling. To Joan, texture is like a soft-spoken whisper. It is a form of nonverbal language that can only be perceived by touch. Joan not only embraces the tender quality of tactile material, but also amplifies its gentle characteristic through subtle movements when animating. The texture itself, the slight jitter it creates when lightly brushed on the surface frame by frame, quietly yet vitally breathes, vibrates, speaks, and comes to life in Joan’s work.

Mia Hernandez, Lead Instructor

Mia Hernandez is an animator and East L.A. native currently pursuing her BFA in Experimental Animation at CalArts.  As a former CAP and CAPSA student, Mia is so happy to be a part of CAP again as a teaching artist and is excited to see what can be created as everyone begins to navigate art making in this new (at times strange) remote/digital world!


Christina Woo, Current Student Instructor


Christina Woo is an aspiring story artist and director.  Originally from LA county, she currently resides in Rowland Heights, and goes to school at California Institute of the Arts as a Character Animation student.  Christina is fueled by her love of watching films, doing improv, taking care of her plants, and eating tacos.  When not at CalArts (or under quarantine), Christina can be found petting stray cats, and exploring her natural romping grounds of Southern California.

Jacq Kirkman Headshot.JPG

Jacq Kirkman, Current Student Instructor


Jacq Kirkman is a LA based story artist and animator currently studying Character Animation at CalArts.  His work is centered around capturing funny life moments through silly comics and doodles, often taking the form of fan art and anthropomorphic characters.  He creates art to bring joy to others and make them laugh.  When he’s not slouched over his drawing tablet, he likes running with his dog Pickles.

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