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Visual Art

In the spirit of experimentation and observation, in this summer class students will creatively explore the restorative power of intuition, magick, and other sensorial delights. Through historical art practices including painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, and more, students will use found materials, craft supplies, and our senses to create one of a kind artworks. Each week will consist of workshops, art projects, and a mini-Critique where students can share their artwork, observations, and ultimately strengthen the way they talk about art. See you soon!


In this Summer animation course students will learn the foundational animation skills needed to create unique & engaging animated films. In addition to learning foundational skills, students will also have the opportunity to experiment with a wide variety of mediums to help formulate their own artistic voice. All in all, this course will provide students with the knowledge and guidance necessary to become confident and independent animators. No former drawing or animation skills needed!!


In this year’s film lab, we are going to make personal films about our neighborhood, loved ones, diary, poetry, or things we care about the most. We will watch unconventional short films and discuss different approaches to filmmaking together. We will explore the possibilities of the equipment in our daily lives, such as a phone camera, desk lamps, and perhaps, foil papers, while some digital filmmaking equipment will be provided. Each week we will have a new theme centered around different aspects of filmmaking, such as mind map, storytelling in cinematography, creative uses of lights, sound, and editing. With hands-on experience and screening discussions, we will explore how we make a film to connect with others.

Creative Writing

In the Creative Writing Lab, student artists are encouraged to practice using language to express their ideas, to engage with other writers and texts, and to consider voice, form, and writing rules (and how to break them). We will experiment with individual writing practices, starting tricks, and writing exercises and prompts to help the writer discover their unique writing voice and style. Together, students are given the opportunity to guide the themes and texts that we read and write around throughout the lab. What is grabbing your attention? What are you interested in? Who should we be reading/listening to? We can't wait to find out!


This summer, our music lab will investigate the many aspects of music-making through student-led inquiry, supported and guided by a first rate team of artist educators. Students will have the opportunity to explore electronic music production, learn an instrument, or even be a part of a band. Students will be encouraged both to follow their own existing musical interests, and to explore new areas of music-making, while having a great time doing so!


In the CAPSA Theater Lab, students will co-create theatrical worlds through a month-long workshop of activities covering a wide variety of theater skills. Students will explore topics like writing, puppetry, and acting to stretch their own imaginations while also getting the chance to collaborate on projects with one another. During the month, students will work with instructors and each other to choose which elements of the performance/presentation they would like to focus on and share at the end of the Theater Lab.


This summer, we will use concepts of Curved/Neutral Spine, Cross-Lateral initiation of the limbs and spiraling of the body to create a series of shapes in space. Using these fundamentals are to ensure that dance always remains a universal language that is used to communicate and connect us to one another. Keeping dance with its ancestral and communicative roots.

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