Visual Art

The visual arts lab is a dynamic mix of disciplines and approaches to visual art-making. Our instructors bring forward their varied experiences in professional graphic design, photography, sculpture, animation, and publishing. Throughout the week, we work with experimental approaches to observing our environments through photography, collage, sculpture, and zine-making, applying fun, new ways to consider and explore each medium. We believe in the power of creative visual research and practice, not only as it applies towards art-making but towards improving our lives and communities.


CAPSA Animation 2021 is excited to explore the world of moving images! In this course, students will explore a variety of animation techniques and learn to make art at home or on the go. From making characters to looking for patterns in the world around them, students will have the opportunity to tell their own stories and express their unique point of view through animation.


The film lab is a space for exploring the relationship between sound, image and the inspirations that trigger the filmmaking process. Students will learn different filming techniques, discuss narrative structures and reflect on their unique interests within the varying approaches to cinema. Over the course of the week, our in-class exercises will culminate in a 1-5 mins final film piece; in which students will re-imagine and cinematically transform the spaces they inhabit.

Creative Writing

French novelist Gustave Flaubert said, "The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe." This class will spark curiosity about your own beliefs, along with the worlds you inhabit and imagine. Throughout the week, we will explore the art of genre, perspective, description, and revision to empower the individual and collective voices in the room. This is an opportunity to free yourself to speak and make the space to listen.


Learn composing, songwriting, electronic music production and more with CAPSA’s Music Lab this summer. Led by our dynamic team of professional working artists, we will listen to and discuss familiar and unfamiliar music to deepen your interest and expand your horizons. We will show you how to use free, online music programs so that you can create the music you’d like to hear wherever you may be using any device that can connect to the internet.


In the Theatre Lab, students will create their own theatrical worlds through a week-long workshop of activities covering a wide variety of theater skills. Students will explore topics like writing, puppetry, and acting to stretch their own imaginations while also getting the chance to make their own unique projects. During the week, students will work with instructors to choose what part of their world they’ll share as part of a performance or presentation at the end of their week in Theater.